Micromaking kindness: an experiment

In July, I started thinking about how people can be incentivized to take small actions to improve their community. I had an elaborate idea for a crowd-sourced game around kindness called A Kind Thing A Day. It was really elaborate. Probably more than I could handle at that time. I went as far as making a Twitter account, and like many other projects, abandoned it.

But recent events in the world have inspired to revisit the project and reconsider my approach to it. Small acts of kindness done in harmony have the opportunity to make a dramatic impact. More importantly, people have different approaches to acts of kindness. Some are loud activists, some are silent warriors, others are poetic fighters. All of these forms of kindness and good work are valuable in our society.

So I’m starting with a simple version of my grander vision for A Kind Thing A Day. A Kind Thing A Day will start as a Twitter account that posts daily tasks for people to complete. Once someone has completed the task, they favorite the tweet and share it with their network via a retweet. The daily tasks increase the diversity of kind tasks that are presented and the fact that the tasks are delivered through Twitter maximizes their share potential.

I’m not sure where this idea will go but I invite you to join me. Be sure to follow @akindthingaday on Twitter and join me in micromaking kindness!


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