This blog contains several of my writing projects in one. Descriptions of my different writing projects are outlined below.

The Federalist Papers Continued

The Federalist Papers Continued is a writing project that aims to continue the series of essays written James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay in the late 1780s. The original Federalist Papers were intended to convince the public to ratify the American Constitution.

With the recent election of Donald J. Trump, an illegitimately-elected fascist with little to no business acumen and even less intelligence and grace, the time has come for a new series of Federalist Papers. Today, we need a document that inspires the public to uphold the American Constitution. These weekly posts will highlight my perspectives on the political events that happen in the next fours year, and likely beyond. They will also dissect actions committed by the Trump regime that are contradictory to democracy, discuss precedent for those actions, and analyze what the public can do to maintain a democracy against those undemocratic actions.

New posts are published every Wednesday morning. You can follow me on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest publications.

Captain’s Log

A weekly newsletter I publish that features commentary on tech culture and weekly reading recommendations. New posts are published every Monday morning.